Monday, October 29, 2012

Vegan MOFO- Buddha Bowl

Ack! I am sort of failing at MOFO-ing everyday. I totally have a great excuse. My lady parts were giving me trouble and I had to have surgery. No big deal, but I haven't been cooking as much. I have been foraging the wasteland that is my kitchen without me in it.

I did cook up a few things recently. Here is one of those things.

It is a Buddha Bowl! Well, my knock off of the Buddha Bowl from The Steeping Room in Austin, Texas. The basic idea here is grain, green, protein, sweet potato, sauce. Here we have leftover rice from Chinese food night, steamed kale, steamed sweet potatoes, black beans, and cashew Caesar dressing. Here is the recipe I adapted my recipe from.

I do mine a bit differently though. #1 I always double the recipe. I could bathe in this sauce. It is good on hot foods, salads, whateva. Better to have a lot than a little. #2 I use unsweetened soy milk instead of water and soak the cashews in it. Normally for at least a half hour. It is so much better and creamier. #3 I don't use the kelp flakes. Anything fishy tasting makes me want to die. You are welcome to go for it. #4 I use less olive oil. Normally 1/3 cup for a double batch. I just don't think it needs the extra oil. I add a little more soy milk instead.

Either way you make it, I promise it will be delicious. It is a fab thing to do on leftover night.

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