Saturday, February 27, 2010

farmer's market

We went to the farmer's market for the first time in a looong time this morning. Loved it. I hadn't been in so long I forgot how much I loved it. I need to get out my sewing machine and re-learn how to use it. I want to have some wares that I could peddle at a farmer's market. It seemed like a lot of fun.

Friday, February 26, 2010

5 weeks old!

Zelda is five weeks old today! I meant to do a one month old post on the 22nd in her chair so I can have a series of monthly photos to show how she has grown, but I have a baby. Things like that are hard. :)

She is a total sweetie pie and is gorgeous. She sleep pretty well. She takes a long nap every afternoon and goes to bed around 9:30 every night. She wakes up to eat once or twice. Not too shabby!

The one thing she is not good at is riding in the car. She hates it and cries if she is awake. It sucks real bad.

It is kind of strange to know she will be my last baby. I am trying to enjoy these moments as much as I can eventhough I am looking forward to the toddler years. The main thing I am sad about is that I will never get to give birth again. I know some of you will be thinking "She's crazy!", but hear me out. I HATE being pregnant, but giving birth makes it so worth it. It is one of the most exhilarating and amazing things a person can do. It is something so special that there is a huge 8-10 month build up for it. I doubt even bungee jumping would be a fraction of the thrill. I am sad to know I won't do it again. Other the other hand, I am happy to know my family is complete and that we get to move forward with all of the fun life is going to bring us.

As always, for photos!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Our Valentines Spread!

My favorite chocolate bars are Chocolove chocolate bars. They are so so yummy. They also come with a romantic poem in the wrapper. Being a haiku lover, I am normally not too impressed with the mushy gushy long poems that I find when I finish my bar. This last time, though, there was a poem I really liked. Here it is, for you, on Valentine's Day!

Oh, No-Not Ev'n When First We Lov'd
by Thomas Moore

Oh, no-not ev'n when first we lov'd
Wert thou as dear as now thou art;
Thy beauty then my senses mov'd,
But now my virtues bind my heart,
What was but Passion's sigh before
Has since been turn'd to Reason's vow;
And, though I then might love thee more,
Trust me, I love thee better now.

Although my heart in earlier youth
Might kindle with more wild desire,
Believe me, it has gain'd in truth
Much more than it has lost in fire.
The flame now warms my inmost core
That then but sparkled o'er my brow,
And though I seem'd to love thee more,
Yet, oh, I love thee better now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Half Birthday!

Henry officially turned 2 and a half on February 9th! He had a bit of a rough afternoon. He went to school in the morning and was fine. On the way home he started melting down saying he wanted to go to "the pancake store". I would tell him we could get pancakes for dinner and he would be fine for a few minutes and then tell me he was sad and that he wanted to go to the pancake store-again. When we got home I was going to put him down for a nap and he kept crying that he wanted to play. Then Zelda started losing it too. I told him he could have ten minutes to play, but he just cried an asked me to put him in a time out.

What a start to his half birthday celebration! I eventually got him (and Zelda) to sleep. When he woke up he got some mama/daddy time since Zel was still asleep, and that put him in a better mood. We went to "the pancake store" (Kerbey Lane) for dinner and Henry got his pancake AND some chocolate tofu pie, hence the smile in the photo above!

Happy half birthday tootie!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

another book!

If I am going to talk about a book I love, I should throw in a book for the kiddos that I love as well. Hello Kitty Everywhere is a book of Haikus (my favorite!) that Mikey got me when we first started dating. I brought the book out for Henry and it is one of his absolute favorites. Mine too.


I have always been an avid reader, but found it hard to find time with an active two year old and social calendar. With the addition of new kiddo I have been forced to slow down a bit and have been doing more reading that I had been doing.

One of the books that I just read (and Mike read, and Grandmother read, and now Judy is reading) is Open Andre Agassi's autobiography. Hands down the best biography, auto or otherwise, I have read. I always liked Andre Agassi, and I am glad that I still really like him after reading his book. It was so honest and so human. Reading it was like hearing a friend tell you about their life over coffee.

You should read it too.